"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I read today that 2 small boys were

killed by a Python    as they slept

This was in a small New Brunswick town

in an apt. above  Reptile Ocean   They were brothers     5 & 7


While in Pakistan the host of a TV show will

give a new born baby away   each day    He said: 

These babies would otherwise be eaten by a cat or dog


I don’t really know what I want from this world    Can the bar possibly be lowered?


On the other hand   both the TV host & the pet

shop owner were  affable  men   Should I even be

placing blame  upon them?


Today I am sitting on a bench  watching young

campers play   The girl in a floaty dress is the  aggro-leader

She shouts in the face of a blonde little sprite

who reddens   then bellows: You’re not the boss of the world      


No    clearly  he  is    A small urchin in purple who barks: 

I’m gonna chase you &  kill you


I grow pale  and look around for a counsellor

as Urchin-boy eyes me malevolently    While a

tiny lad in a blue Tilley hat runs around the periphery

gawky   & alone    If second chances are ever handed out       He is getting one



Late Summer  2013

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