"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I carry earplugs now    & remove them

when I hear my heart beating    arrhythmically

It does that on close Summer days when

squirrels threaten  and you can walk into a   happy ending by following the applause


My mother & I  think that maps are a good

idea   Each of us should be given one at birth

with a slice of angelfood cake   The crumbs will

forever lead you home   And you will know where you are going    at all times


With all of the ease that certainty bestows

you may even:  a) choose your battles

b) collaborate with the time you have left

c) learn to fly in your spare time

d) listen until the end of  April In Paris (Count B. & Ella F.)       and  wait



Late Summer 2013     For  M. Bird

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