"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Tuffy Gessling   the clown  who donned

a mask of Obama   was offered a home in     Texas

after a national backlash called for his head


(all American clowns must now undergo sensitivity training or risk imprisonment)


A humiliated Tuffy cried last night on TV:  I never

tried to be a racist or nothing   I love all people no

matter their background   I live to make people laugh


Tuffy should likely apply to run the IOC*  a misguided

group who will bring  the Olympics to Sochi in 2014


In Russia where human rights are few and far between

my Great Grandmother would tell you: If a cossack kissed

a Jewish woman in the midst of a pogrom  it was a hate crime    

followed by acts of  unspeakable brutality


In modern Russia hate crimes of all kinds  including those

visited upon LGBT  are committed with regularity   This did

not seem to deter the IOC


I imagine Tuffy will wear a Putin mask  & carry a 400 lb.

sturgeon   when he cancels the Sochi  Olympics   of 2014



*International Olympics Committee  – selects the host country, investigates boycotts, 

doping, bribery, and acts of terrorism  at the Olympic games


** Putin has been known to fake photo-ops holding aloft fish he has not caught


Fall  2013

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