"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Is narcissism innate   or learned behaviour?

Was God the original narcissist   creating    miniman

in  His  own image?   Giving us an unconscious

a.k.a.  the minigod inside   Constantly shooting:

images memories visions oracular premonitions  onto

our inner-screens    You know   the one behind your    eyelids


(Your personal Steven Spielberg?)


Why else would we be so obsessed with ourselves     with our experiences here?

A perpetual state of post-traumatic stress   mechanically

reliving the minutiae   in our constant nocturnal emissions

This condition may in fact be   a biological imperative    practising ourselves

the infinitesimal scripts     Is this  unhinging us  or healing us?


There are some who have no time for this    A handful of Buddhists

and the rich    Apparently the rest of us have no OFF switch  What if

you could selectively turn off your memories?  Who would you be?

Take the woman in the greeting card store    Lost her daughter at

age 24   to  leukemia    My mother asked:  How do you live after that?

Robotic smile:  Who says I am alive?   Don’t push  Stay focused  Those aren’t stars



And God, I am told, is a canoe -shaped hole in all of us.  

Sue Goyette   Resist    2011



Fall 2013

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