"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



One day the gardener said:  (in his best Charlton Heston)

Ma’am that tree is dead   then he stared off into the distance

It was time to leave our High Park street   One neighbour a

reputed war criminal    another  dead on his porch after 4 yrs.

of merciless cane-banging   11 years have come and gone and

a gaggle of geese make their way South  honking like Illinois Jacquet 

I am trapped  in a green village  on a blue LAKE (with a trampoline for the grankids)


While   at a concert 2 nights before   Patti Smith  screeched and spat  & then spat

some more:  Say No to Syria   Say No to Obama    Edward Snowden is a Nigger


The world is a noisy place    A new pedagogical theory says:  Everything is better

in groups          Shoot Me



I like to watch Eve.   Chauncey The Gardener    (Being There  1979)


Fall 2013

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One thought on “IT’S ALL GREEN

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    This is likely the one and only time that Illinois Jacquet and Patti Smith will be mentioned on the same page.

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