"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Stephen Bantu Biko  the founder of

the  black consciousness movement  in

South Africa   died on September 12, 1977

He was 30   & had been shackled naked for

days    No hunger striker was he     Autopsy

revealed brain hemorrhage from head injuries

Died on the floor of Pretoria prison hospital    No mercy


The holy grail of paleoanthropology posits :

human evolution is a  braided stream  and not

a simple  march of progress   In 2008 north-west of

Johannesberg in the Cradle of Humankind  a nine yr. old

boy discovered a 2 million yr. old hominid skeleton  a   transitional ancestor

with a small brain  not much bigger than a chimpanzee’s


Much likely a more humane creature  built for climbing trees

with fierce capacities for compassion  especially for their young

Memorized their mother’s voices  They did not prey on each other

Nor were they prone to: terrorism  mass-psychosis  or torture


Those were simpler times   The Mother-ship hovered    The light

at the end of the tunnel was  ON    And the last one standing had   an alibi



*in 1997   5 former police officers confessed to the Biko killing

to a Truth & Reconciliation Commission.  The men were never tried.



Fall  2013


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