"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



In a play last night the question

was asked: Would you return to

your body after making the passage

to the otherside   if you had the choice?


The AIDS ridden protagonist struggled

Like Hamlet he had suffered the whips &

scorns of time  enough  thankyouverymuch

With no desire to be plunged back into a

perpetual state of loss    But return did he


Buddhists & Hindus believe that the last

thought at the moment of death determines

the next incarnation  And  Proverbs xxiii 7

suggests:  As a man thinks in his heart  so is he


There is a vast system of ravines & underground

rivers in Toronto  where last thoughts ricochet

landing in the hearts of lost travellers


DON’T GET LOST   THINK BIG     Heaven is close to

Bathurst St.     Wrong turns are   frowned upon



Fall  2013

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