"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Louise Bourgeois the sculptor  (1911-2010)  spent so much

of her adult life in analysis she was said to be famously troubled

Perfect epithet for the modern famewhore   Fame now a birthright

Airtight liberation from the quotidian    The famous reportedly don’t love

(And they never forgive)  


In 2008 Louise B.  finally gave us an  Open Door    Liberation? Or cheeky portal

to another kind of entrapment   Freedom after all  is  Super-myth   the  GIANT carrot

One Buddhist monk has even declared:  You cannot be free until you are free of the

desire to punish    And there is someone I must forgive by 12:01 a.m. tomorrow  


Which will be more difficult?   This   or giving up life as I know it for life on Mars?

Nearly 97,000 Canadians have applied to join  Mars One  which will establish a

permanent human colony by 2023      I would simply rather be famous



Fame, bully for you, chilly for me
Got to get a rain check on pain (pain)
(fame)      David Bowie



Louise Bourgeois   Open Door



Fall  2013 

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