"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Let’s call it atavism  This return to Ziggy      40 yrs. later

My brain hurts a lot  (more)   Never thought

I’d lose so many people   Remember Starman?

He died waiting  for all the nobody people to

become  somebody    And my magnifiers aren’t

even strong enough to rip off Bowie at his best     Bear with me


Who could be more trapped than a 14 yr. old

in suburbia  coming upon  ZIGGY    A few girls my

age went off their heads   Later it was encouraging

to hear:  You’re okay as long as a second ego  DOES NOT  appear

(a very smart analyst said  in my 32nd year)


The moments of  the now & then & yet to be

are woven into a  past-present-future  brew

Where the re-curring deja vu  becomes your   curtain call

Something about:  A  ravine where a priest with blazing blues

pulls a still beating heart from my chest    


Now tell me yours   because you have been implicated

from the start    Of course you have the right to remain

silent    Everything you say  may change the trajectory

of your curtain call    It was after all  on April 4th 1994

that  Kurdt Donald Cobain said:  I miss the comfort of being   sad




Fall  2013     *(K.WEST – the sign over Ziggy’s head  on the album cover 1972)



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