"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Have you ever fallen in love    with a face?

One that gets inside  your skin    You may

not even know the owner    I  did this weekend

with a dead astronaut named Scott:   red hair

boyish grin   eyes brown   doleful   one lid droops

face spells trouble     He wants    more


Married 4x   pre-deceased by 2 of 8 children


In the early 60’s on his only spaceflight   Scott

missed his landing by 463 kl.    Walter Cronkite said:

We may have lost an astronaut   Earth waited in   solemn silence

Scott was found  feet propped up  floating in the

Caribbean    NASA was not impressed   blamed him

for being   distracted


Scott said:  The view of Mother Earth is addictive


Should you turn your attention to faces   you may

want to begin with children    Faces in the throes of

transcendence    of  a metamorphosis so deep   that

between birth and 13  there is   a brand new being

Forensic artists are enlisted to capture these changes

when young children are kidnapped   so that they may be   found


The human-face a holy-frontier       Godspeed  Scott Carpenter


scott carpenter

Tell good and true stories around lonely campfires

They say the nights on Mars are cold and long –

(Scott Carpenter   For Spacious Skies)

RIP 1925-2013



Fall   2013      *Scott Carpenter to John Glenn at lift-off  1962

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