"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today one of our favourite emporiums of the cheap

fashionfix  asked customers to vote:  Do you want us

to support   women    clean water    the environment   or

education?  There were even glossy photos of happy

women splashing themselves with gorgeous water  in

places like  India  Pakistan  & Cambodia


Trouble is they didn’t mention  industrial safety  fair wages

or domestic violence   Their silence spoke volumes    In India:

A newly wed woman is lit on fire every 90 minutes by her in-laws * 

Just days ago depictions of Hindu Goddesses as battered women

went viral    Lakshmi had a swollen lip  while Durga the Great Mother

Goddess   shed tears from a bruised eye


Some are not sure if this helps the cause of beaten  raped   & tortured

women  in a country where 68% are victims of domestic violence   Perhaps

the cheap fashionfixers might scrap their meaningless vote   display the

battered Goddesses around the globe   & take up a collection for victims

of violence  There is no statistic for un-reported rapes in India  (population 1.2 billion)

where women risk death for doing so



Art is not a mirror held up to reality  

It is a hammer with which to shape it    

Bertolt Brecht 

battered goddess



Late Fall  2013           *(Globe & Mail 22/10/13)

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