"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

Please Give


Yesterday 3 men gave me $20    2 in a restaurant

1 in a shoe store   My book seemed the reason for

the largesse    All 3 were Italian  & amorous   The 3rd

sold me a pair of shoes made in Italy


One man was smooth & hard all at once   one was doleful

the other earnest    Today no one has approached with

money   though I wish someone would


It is late Fall   crisp & sunny   and I am receiving sidelong

glances   My Italian shoes are dust magnets   and a lack of

sleep has corroded parts of me    generating a well hammered

exhaustion     One dream will have to be removed surgically


A black market has sprung up for my book   and a committee

struck to explore the enforcement of:  sleep   happiness   &

suave Italian men    I am especially encouraged by this   development



Fall  2013

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One thought on “Please Give

  1. Frances on said:

    Good one! Mom

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