"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Hate hate   Love love   Loneliness cannot

be turned into a verb (go ahead & try)  It is

a stand alone noun   The lonely feeling will

alert you    You are about to become prey

Too close to the perimeter of the group


Social animals used to rely on one another

to survive   Loneliness meters now broken

Irreparably mutated by the Vollmer M35

and social media technology   We all live on

the periphery of the tribe


A new kind of post-industrial anomie   Prey

to loneliness   and 12 yr. old home grown

terrorists   Though loneliness trumps alcoholism

smoking and obesity   40% of Americans   (especially bartenders)

die of loneliness each year


Loneliness is not depression   which should be

treated by  a professional   There is no treatment

for loneliness  But there is an  APP  simulating the crowd

Beware   this will only confuse your fight/flight instinct

& you will loneliness yourself to death


Pandora Mclean-Hoover clinical social worker in

Pano Texas   cautions: Feelings of loneliness will

not go away on their own   Go to a bar & talk to

a bartender (Globe & Mail November 2013)


Or just be still   in the dying days of our tribal

consciousness   and you may hear   the last laugh   reverberating




Late Fall   2013

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