"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



2 girls skipped down the street today   protesting

our grey pre-winter mortis  Looked like they would

careen into sad Canadians   20 somethings   blonde

& coated in sheep  Now stop to light smokes  Giddiness

transformed to hip   with the flick of Bics


Today the anniversary of Sandyhook’s slaughter   20 who

will never cavort except in the emptiness of late afternoon

When parents forget   then remember   then forget to



The shooter   also 20   shot his mother in the head 6x with

her own gun   He hadn’t left the house in 4 months    Since

then  there has been the Boston Marathon bombing   the Navy

Yard shooting   & each day in the U.S.   82 have died of gunshot



Recently in a Sand-tray session a 20 yr. old man placed a robot

near a breastfeeding Mary   Was he hungry? Curious? Murderous?

Like the shooter   crouching in the shadows by his mother’s bed



(Sand-tray Therapy: Jungian psychotherapeutic modality utilizing

figurines in sand as part of the healing process)




Winter  2013     *Bob Dylan  Not Dark Yet  1997


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