"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



After a 4,500 kl road trip   3 elephants

arrived at a California sanctuary  Bob Barker

(The Price Is Right)  was elated    He’d

spent  a small fortune  and several years of

his life lobbying for this


Mr. Berridge (T.O. Zoo) said: We’re all emotionally

drained    when you  work with elephants they get

inside your soul    Fair enough Bob & Mr. Berridge


I find the same to be true  in work with human children

Over the past 5 yrs. in T.O.  funding for children’s mental

health  has been radically cut    12 sessions is all they get

Be careful about asking for more   Therapists    We do not

want to encourage a dependency 


dark circles crack house graduates lakeshore motels without

the meal plan  burns bruises  being peed on at 18 months in

cold showers  angsty & powerless   self-anesthetized zombies


I will lobby for a transport truck    Surely the PAWS Sanctuary

has room?  It will likely be cheaper to haul 30 child survivors

than 3 aging elephants    The children are rail-thin  don’t use

toilets  and can dissociate into long periods of trance   No costly

staff with degrees in Zoology needed


The pachyderms now resting comfortably  will die in captivity

but the children may someday break free   Their voices trumpeting

long   into the California night




Winter  2013

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