"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I want your life   she said    Do you want

it now?  Do you want it   knowing nothing

about it?  (other than my vacation plans)

Are you an incubus?  A succubus?


Forlorn girl at local drug-mart   You say: I bought 8

giant Hershey kisses for xmas presents &

ate 2 in a row   You know how chocolate

makes you thirsty  right?  My clothes feel   tight


Have a chocolate   they’re small   HAVE ONE

petite lady with perfect life    Lips curl into snarl

I back away   and miss slipping on hunk of ice at door

Uneasiness persists throughout the day

Drug-mart girl is dark & exotic   witchy smile  dangerous hips




Winter  2013

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