"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I’m looking down on the world from the top of creation

the man on the corner growled   One yellow shoe  one grey

Thinning hair  caked on mud    here & there   standing too

close  to me     Catapulted to thoughts of   Enos  1st chimp to

circle Earth  Nov. 29 1961


Looking down on the world   little chimp-god    Tortured by

NASA with electrodes on feet   shocked repeatedly   lever

malfunctioned mid-flight    Mission deemed a success   It was

Enos who paved the way for John Glenn!   (Globe & Mail)


The scientist who devised said torture chamber  was obsessed

with the poet  Champcenetz   who named the Guillotine   and

later fell prey  to the razor himself    It is a little known fact that

our scientist died while receiving   electro-shock therapy


Enos was eventually retired  and lived out his days in a Chimp-Spa

funded by Bob Barker   Life is full of such serendipity   All the circles

are connected leading you to the centre  which is empty    Enos finally

chewed through the barbed wire of his enclosure   sending Bob into a

massive depression


We live in an epoch where moats are erected around solitude

and the cost of forgiveness has skyrocketed    In Toronto recently

many millions of dollars were spent on locking dolphins  sharks  &

a whale  behind a glass enclosure  underneath our business district




Winter  2013

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