"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



If you want to understand your enemies   read

their poetry   he said


Find out what they worship:




Technology                Beauty  Silence  Mercy         Guns


Not all of us are cut out to be saviours  eh   (CBC commentator)

You can talk  Zen  but try to live Zen    depression sets in

Maybe it’s the antidote to a manic world    What is the current

Mythology?   When mangers & burning bushes fail to captivate

& you cannot see the forest for the Bodhi trees


Is the  virtual space  the new  sacred space?  Or is it the Psychiatric

encounter?   Will resurrections happen late at night   when screens

flicker green  and a voice rings out: You have a choice Modern Man-ic

Shoot yourself   or i will shoot you    


Saviours form a line to the right   Civilians to the left



“There comes a time in life when everybody must

take a piss in the sink”    Peter Orlovsky  Paris 1957



Winter  2013

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