"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Where this dress has been   & has not been:

Quivering on the floor   I shan’t say more

Crunched behind a pretty hipster on an elevator

carrying a box of rich-girl cupcakes    16 vanilla in

neat little rows   She winked and said:  


Eating one may change a life


You mean like asking Mr. Tolstoy for a re-write?

We are at Indigo headquarters after all    where a

sign says:  Ask And You Shall Receive




Not yet on the  Book Tour  where the Tokyo crowd will

throw rose petals & raw fish   And I will never know if it’s

yesterday or tomorrow   This dress has not been on Letterman

yet     Will it ride up & pull a   Margaret Trudeau?  Or flutter  in

the breeze   a la Marilyn Monroe’s?


All of this is hard to know  stuck here in the throes of so much

ice & snow    So let us re-visit our dress come Spring    This dress

is going places   This dress has dreams!




Winter  2013

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