"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

APRIL 2014

SCENT  OF  APRIL      2014

The woman who sells me perfume is

tinkerbell-tiny   & smells like a wise man

from Marrakesh     When she hugs me

Embrace Of  Said Wise Man    clings for hours


Yesterday my  OUD  went missing     Pre- Xmas

shoppers commiserated    and I was released from

perfume-shrine into LBS of slush   now sweating

profusely     I need to speak to the MYSTIC  I cried


When there on the corner of Wellesley & Bay  a 15 yr.

old girl    dancing like Beyonce´   bewitched sluggish

Torontonians   made you feel like you might survive

made you feel like you were almost alive  


Made you feel like the billionth Canadian winter might spit

you out  ALIVE     on the other side    When the new-you

will glide  along lilac scented streets  lips  Radiant Orchid

Pantone’s colour pic for 2014


We are ever dying into one world    and  being born into another

Henry David Thoreau



orchid lips   orchid panatone

The transfiguration of Georgia May Jagger

& Aprill Atkins Cameron  Spring 2014



Winter Solstice   2013

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