"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A poet is a liar   Twisting tales to

fit the storyline  (not to mention what

we do with statistics)  Pulling words from

his song   to finish mine    Dressing up the

sunshine: light splashed  light flowed  light kissed


Making this dun-colured day  riotous gunmetal grey

Promising bliss  where there is none to follow   The

tortoise beetle wears a fecal shield   to protect it from

its enemies    No protection for the minstrel who steals

your best ideas


The poet goads you into believing that it might not be

such a bad thing after all     waiting     for the world to end


Unwind the delicate shroud   dig that hole deeper!  Fear not

You have only borrowed the dust  it was never yours for keeping




Winter  2014  *Three Small Parables For My Poet Friends  Stanley Kunitz  1985

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