"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The new it-girl of British Poetry  studied

at Leeds  & Goldsmiths College   She’s an

up & comer   I have found many references

to her boyfriend’s  ball-sac  in her new book

Yet does this encourage me to: Go for broke     No  Not really


My hero of poetry  namely:  Charles Bukowski

used words like: piss  vomit  whore    & a whole

lot more     He didn’t rhyme much either


Charles was beaten to a Pulp  (name of his 26th book)

daily   by his demented German father   His adult face

pitted   His body scarred for life    A raging alcoholic   & a

Post Man  (name of his 33rd book)   Charles delivered the

mail until half insane   for 12 yrs. in L.A.


He finally found a benefactor  & moved out of vomitous

basements  to a nice house in the burbs   Charles could be

drunk on stage   kick his wife   but he was Dark Knight for life

A defiled God of letters


So it is hard to imagine that  ball-sac  is all that stands between

me   & it-girl infamy     Yesterday a florid man said to me: 

If  you want to make brave music you gotta serve somebody

Give me 45% of your profit  & I will give you a table from which

to shill your poetry  


At this point  ball-sac  is looking like it may have legs




Winter  2014

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