"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I am a bit conflicted  about my upcoming

Word Event   You see I peak between 10 &

11 a.m.   It starts at 1 p.m.   long after I am

pumping out juicy marketing ideas:   cookies! hatpins! bookmarks! 


Hi-wattage smile   Unearth family charisma

often illusive & indolent   At least said  Event  

is on a Friday   When at sunset a second-soul

will alight   to help me fight despair   


Today it is well past 3  and I sit in a library  19th C

Windows onto a gorgeous courtyard  entombed in

ice   Fountain wears a shroud of white    Water barely

visible   Icy ejaculation will burst forth  come Spring


I sit beside rows of books in the  Canadian Poetry Room

The Gay Grey Moose

Distinctly Narcissistic


The Pioneer Woman


It is difficult to be pithy with the weight of our

word-history  all around me  From Cohen to Carson

Two poets who I am sure never coaxed readers with

promises of  bon bons  bijoux  and gift cards from

Come As You Are





Winter  2014

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