"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Warsaw ghetto 1940   Orphaned Jewish

children sleep on streets & in cemeteries

hiding their identities


Easier for Ignac Bloomberg   sandy hair

blue eyes   Not so for darklings  hearded

onto trains


The boys had names like:  Conky  Hoppy 

Toothy  Frenchy    SS Officer fell for Frenchy

First an advantage  Later disappeared into Gestapo



What do you think they did with Frenchy?

You cannot conjure anything so depraved

Or maybe you can   They kept him in a cell

where Dr. Mengele visited daily  for tissue samples


Ignac survived through what his son later called:

balancing extreme fear with extreme hubris   In 1947

Canada took 1000 children   Ig was one of 3 cigarette

sellers from Warsaw who  made it out


Can you hear the ghostly trains crisscrossing Europe?

Night skies blood-red   Carrion cars forge ahead

One loaded with the near-exterminated


Your Aunties & cousins   my father said   We tried to

get them out   but it was too late    By then Canada

had decided  none was too many







Winter  2014    for Frenchy

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