"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



In my summer haunts   an icy pall

as I pick my way down a hill    It feels

like days ago under hazy sky I walked

with slow defiance


Now The Great Upheaval  tempts us

indoors   where the A.G.O.  cleverly?

leads us toward:  war-sounds   

Then to gift shop crammed with Art Deco


In the centre of the show there is a

jagged affair   A love that has turned blue

Breath held through embrace   No escape


Flowers will bloom where seed spills   Soon

winter will be  jettisoned   indefinitely

Art patrons dash for the exits   & limp out

onto streets    It is  -17


Somewhere in the distance  as melancholy melts

a woman with a polka dot dress  & cubist face

raises her head    and screams



otto guttfreund:sculpture



Winter  2014  *Embracing Figures Blue Patina  Otto Gutfreund  1913

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