"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Ruby is from Africa   Congo

Everyone  needs  one friend

to remind them of  the child

they once were    Unless

someone is   her brother   A boy soldier by 8


I encounter her at Planet Car Wash

Ruby blurts out her story in sub-zero

un-glory  on a mouldering February

day   Strangers always do that   I must

have catharsis about my eyes


Yesterday I read in T.O. Life:


I feel for all new Torontonians  300,000

without power in the ice storm  200,000

in the July flood   Better go buy a flashlight


Harsh coming from wine soaked editor:


I invited my neighbours over for wine in the

storm    We were so bored


Ruby said on the day they took her brother

they also took her mother   & made her a

mattress slave    A little ice    A little water

Sub-zero weather  for her a second innocence

Ruby never gets bored in Canada


Ruby I will save you   tomorrow




Winter 2014

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