"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Cool Polish ladies dance the night away

I want to dance with them   too shy    so I

watch transfixed   My grandmother’s Poland

did not look like this


Lightening Lee  & Little Freddie King headline

tonight    Lee is effusive   spits a lot  mainly in my

husband’s direction   He gives me a faux red rose

bordello scented   I cannot take it home  I may be

arrested at the border


Little Freddie wears red   He is 4 foot 7  and sits

close to the Polish ladies   on a bench   He is cool

incarnate   Plays the guitar like the devil knows

his name


Later I kiss Lee on a moist cheek   Margaritas have

flown freely    He whispers in my ear: ditch yer bro

&  yer husband  Red    Come with me


Never  go to New Orleans  gentle reader   I implore you

For though The Saints  may pray for your sorry-ass soul

In your chest there will reside a heart shaped hole    


siberia2          little freddie king 2

siberia 1



Winter  2014

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One thought on “SIBERIA

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    I can taste the Sweet Apple Blini and the Pierogi!!!

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