"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Verno Vinge   science fiction aficionado said:

By 2040 we will merge with our computers

cast off our bodies   realize immortality

the Singularity will be upon us


This idea is now embraced as fact  but will we

still be Human?  Have we ever been?  Or have

we remained that mutation slouching out of Africa

millennia ago?


Will there still be:  war  serial killers  gangs?

(who slash hundreds in the subways of China)

Wasn’t religion supposed to be the opiate of

the masses?  Stone tablets the first glimmering

of the human conscience?


Remember  the Savage  in Brave New World?

Last remaining old world Human   wound up on a

rope  in the shower   Ditto for David Foster Wallace

brilliant young man of American letters  on his front porch


There is no evidence to suggest that our constant interface

with technology is making us happier   braver    Studies show

that we trust techno-gadgets more than our instincts   Take the

couple who followed their GPS  into the wilderness  & died

though surrounded by paved roads


Long passive from relying on the machine  human creativity

disappears   The God in the machine pricks up his ears   & returns

to the Mothership    finally weary of our anxiety  & depression

Abandoned here some of us loot  looted art   & begin a movement

to rehabilitate Heaven


looted art

looted art2



Winter  2014

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