"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



At least 4 maids went mad in our front hall

The last one  Lucy  shouted obscenities  &

kicked the dog    We were consoled by the

fact that she didn’t pull a  Dexter  and chop

up little brother  He grew up with a penchant

for horror   His favourite film  The Shining


The first 3 were named Mary   1 stole pictures

of our mother visiting the Continent   They were

found later with captions: Paris was fantastique!

Sounds like the onset of madness  to me


In my mind’s eye   I see the 1st Mary  all dressed

in blue  with stigmata on her cheeks   Her son in

prison for crimes he never committed   Not prodigal

Never returned   Mary now straight-jacketed marching

toward a cruiser    Each day she wept into our baths

salt mixing with dove mixing with neurosis


The one named Brenda (our 1st not-Mary)  fell hard

for my 16 yr. old brother   Bestowing the kinds of

kisses our mother would never have dreamed   She

later ran off with our neighbor Rubin   Stepmother to

Lilibeth & Hilda   now a suburban Queen


We lived on a deep & fertile ravine  where wild animals

& satyrs cavorted   While out front Cadillacs of various

colours gave off a gold-toothed gleam   When we drove

out to farm-country our father lowed convincingly   & all

the cows for miles around chased us to our mother’s screams




Winter  2014


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