"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He’s 24 yrs. old  now under ice & snow

His obituary oblique  He will be missed

by his girlfriend Rylie  & his dog Shadow

Sleep tight  the final phrase


In the photo he is smiling broadly   dark

curly hair frames his face   Grandfather a

war hero  mercifully pre-deceased his boy

Family’s shining star   Father a jovial man

no more


Today Spring feels almost possible  birds

chirping at 4:26 a.m.   Outback the rugged

man  has a beer at 10   Whistling a tune on

the fire escape    By noon the family arrives

at Cemetery  north of city


Ice  snow  & mud  covered by a tarp   Family

will leave before mini-bulldozer re-fills the

hole   Do they cover the mound  to make it

genteel?    Gentle?


So that we  may remain in denial for a few

moments more?  The churned up earth is nasty

& un-gentle    It will do it’s job   hold him fast

Outlast wood


This year there will be no Spring

No Resurrection    Everything is broken





Winter  2014    RIP  K.B.T.

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