"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



What if time is circular   not linear?

What if eternity  is real  and not just

a word drummed up by religion  so you

know how long you will rot in hell  when

you break one of their rules


What if you keep repeating the exact

same life   over & over  again?   This

would explain déjà vu   ditto NDE’s

all uncannily the same


A meaner theory than reincarnation where

at least you are given a new identity  upon

your re-entry   And doesn’t everyone think

they were  once rich  famous   & brilliant?

Few will tell you they were Hitler


Could this be what Freud was getting at with

the discovery of  repetition compulsion: our

un-conscious determination to repeat the story

of our lives right down to marrying the same

man 3x


Dreams would appear to be the telltale sign

showing us how different people in our stories

are actually the same person  but in disguise


Yet even seasoned dream-analysts will misread

the signs showing them that: wife #1 is wife #2

therefore wife # 1 is wife #3  (Axiom of Maria)


The most fascinating aspect of this  timeascircle

theory is that: 9 out of 10x’s  you wake up in the

middle   near the beginning  or ¾ of the way to the

end of your story   Only once every lifetime do you

wake up on the last day   Yet you know this day

intimately  from all of the repetitions


Dreams also show you your death   Most don’t

notice   the rest  forget  by morning   A few know

with a clear eyed certainty how the last day will

end   and they work on this  death-wish  with an

existential psychotherapist    But there is no cure


Take Anna Karenina   Tolstoy wrote the book before

Jung & Freud discovered the un-conscious   He was

onto something   grasped the circle   knew the uroboros



At various times in her life Anna has a re-curring dream

& horrifically  it unfolds in her final moments  before the train

is above her  before the train is above her  before the train    

is above her


So   is the first  read-through  the best?   Before you  know

something is fishy?  Before you look at the man you are

about to marry  & feel that you have known him forever?

Or you look at the man you are about to marry  & for 46

seconds  you have no idea whatsoever  who the hell he is



Let the script revel in tricks & transformations   when the

film is broken   let it be spliced      The Magic Curtain  1971

Stanley Kunitz


uroboros red



Winter  2014

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