"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Is there something messianic in our

fervor to find out what happened to

the Missing Plane?  They grow shrill

on CNN   Anderson is knitting his uni-

brow  & hyperventilating


At a dinner party on the weekend between

risotto a la whore & key lime pie  there were

hijack theories  secret landings in Afghanistan

Martian kidnappings   Could it be the Taliban?


If Osama could orchestrate 911 from a cave

surely something is afoot   Where were you

when the plumes of smoke appeared?  Did the

2nd plane destroy too   baby messiahs everywhere

on the day that hope escaped   our clutches?


So now flight MH 370 is  reality tv   Soon even you

will be able to fly a Boeing 777   Hishammudin Hussein

Malaysian Minister of Defense  &  Acting Minister of

Transport said:  Yes it was disabled


All Right   Good Night  Ping  Ping   Ping   If you do not

know this reference  you likely have spent the last week

in a cave   Pray For MH 370   If Possible Come Home 

(sign in airport Kuala Lumpur)




Winter  2014

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