"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Dr. Hazen Gandy child psychiatrist said: Commonly

it’s cutting for the 12-17’s  slashing arms  thighs  bellies

with razor blades   Gives the body a whole different set

of inputs  Allows them not to feel so awful inside   & we’re

seeing 10x more kids  than 10 yrs. ago


This world is taking no prisoners    Yesterday Mick’s

girlfriend was found with a scarf around her neck   kneeling

Mick’s skin looked so thin   you could see the frayed edges of

his soul


Dr. Gandy went on to say:  Greater numbers of mental health

professionals are  on the verge  themselves


The blind leading   There is a global existential crisis:

I am empty

I don’t know who I am

I don’t know where I am going


The Mother home at lunchtime   glasses of milk   cookies

& Gilligan   Your dog hiding in the same closet for 13 yrs.

Ready or not  here I come   Same house  same school   In an

 I know who I am   kind of world


The children I have known in the temenos: cigarette burns

elective mutes  scaldings  & worse   incontinent at 10 

Where’s my dog   & the Dad?


Trillions of dollars are being spent on the BICEP2 experiment

What was the Universe like at less than one second old?

Isn’t this just another form of the existential crisis?


We are empty  We don’t know who we are  We have no compass


It remains difficult to know what even one trillion dollars could

do for those in the mental health trenches  They might be able to

construct a  safety net   one that stretches from the South Pole

(site of BICEP2 tests)  to Nunavut    Across the Straights   and

around the globe    Maybe even teach our police  de-escalation



Another pundit  Dr. Kathleen Pajer  Chief  Psychiatrist in Halifax

will have the final word:  Most of these kids don’t have a diagnosis 

Leaving doctors mystified



Looking for some truth  dancing with no shoes

The beat  the rhythm  the blues  The pounding of

your heart’s drum together with another one  

Didn’t you think anyone loved you   See what you

lost when you left this world   this sweet old world        

(Lucinda Williams)



SPRING  2014

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