"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



In his Ted Talk   Chris Hadfield  a.k.a. Canada’s

Commander Tom   told us to walk through spider

webs if spiders are what we fear   There is only one

spider in Canada with venom  Who believes that?


What if Chris is wrong?  He’s an astronaut  not an

arachnologist   But you will have to decide this for

yourselves   Go ahead  I dare you to   Even Dante

knew it was important to: Be afraid of what can   hurt you


In our culture we suffer from mass PTSD   Is it cathartic

to regurgitate violence & degradation ad nauseum?  Does

this not cause habituation?  A vicious circle?


Let’s go back to the Greeks:

Kathairein – to cleanse

Katharos – pure


Somehow our needle is stuck   & we look through a

darkened glass   at a black screen   Why show us Carcosa

repeatedly?  Our latest tv hit: a raped brother & sister grow

into monsters  ritualistically torturing women & children


So I ask you: Who took   the cleanse   the purify  out of

catharsis   and substituted  voyeur?



Song of my soul

My voice is dead

A place of black stars

where tears are unshed   (The King In Yellow   Robert W. Chambers)



SPRING  2014



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