"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Crusty bookseller Edwina places my

slim volume  next to Bukowski  nearing

ee cummings!


On the way to  BOOKMOBILE   he

would share his dreams    A cowboy

ideology   the farm  horses  grasslands

Ever planning the Great Escape from

suburban netherworld


Flat cement parking lot  beat up trailer

near  Overbrook  (street names decidedly  Utopian)

Cigarette smoke curling out of window

Green Impala   Cowgirl dismounts

thumbs crooked in pockets   Enters temple

of the  BOOK 


Neat rows coloured spines  slight smell of

mould   Looking for a crack in the universe

to crawl through   Now down the stairs   Impala

growls   Cowboy watches me carefully   flicks butt

Black poodle stirs      Giddy-up



athena botticelli




SPRING 2014    for the Horseman  Lee Atkins  1921 – 1989



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One thought on “ATHENA

  1. A.S. Cameron on said:

    One of your best. Economical but very evocative.

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