"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Wicked wind snaking up my back

Ides of March long gone   What can

be wrong  in the Heavens?  Or is April

the cruellest of months?  Hitler born on  20th

Passover plagues:  frogs locusts blood of 1st born sons


A comprehensive study funded by Bill & Melinda Gates

found: In April people brought up with fortunes of $25 million

or more  are dissatisfied with life   prone to depression   deep

anxieties about family  love   & work   (a.k.a. affluenza)


If you have ever wished you were an eagle  or a prairie vole

you will wish it more in April   Most have just crawled out

of snotty influenza   And don’t forget  you must discover

light again   and disappointment


But today you ride high citydweller  for the giant flies who

attacked you yesterday (18C)  are lying dead in gutters   And your

pink Springfling lipstick tastes of strawberries     & resurrection












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