"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Chocolate mess on ruby ring   hand sticky

Scent of rotting sweetness   Girl of 13 looks

like 36   Was she fresh faced at 7?   Now top

knot displays 6 inch roots  Face pinched with

transcendence gone wrong


She looks more like a beat up doll  than a human

girl    Wait!    those are stitches under her mouth

not  stainsofdisdain  And look  one foot is raggedy

full of holes   Even my beatnik doll  circa ’63  had

more joie de vivre


But she has her dog   flat & woollen at her feet

Is he made of socks?  His tail moves ever so slightly

in would-be merriment   It’s as though he knows

that glaring is   the new compassion






SPRING  2014

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