"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



At the 3.5 hr. mark the BELL  (310-BELL)

woman assures me that:  from our end 

there is no problem   Except that from

mine   there are many    I could have a

a short labour  in the time this is taking


Martin Scorsese may call to option my

book     & James Franco for coffee next

Tuesday    So I beg of you Anya at BELL:

re-instate my bleeping beep   bitch  


When I think of all the broken hearts I have

ministered to   who knows  maybe Anya herself

is in the throes    But for her I have so little

compassion   The modern machine  has weakened

my moral fibres


Today I asked a handsome young man to join me for

scotch & cigarettes   Did you know that the    10 Commandments

are suggestions   and  Mono-gamy  a social construct?

I learned all of this at U of T  during my undergraduate



Where a bug-eyed Don propositioned me  in 1st yr. Poly-Sci

His Datsun 240Z  a pasty yellow   Years later I saw him on tv

in the little square beside the weather    Middle aged & spent

kicked out of our Government   he opined:  The insomniacs

best defence is  sleep   


With this  my squinty eyes smiled  & my pinched little face

broke into a grin    Gary Gary    you brilliant ex-politician

re-instate my beep    light my  fire!



martin scorsese





SPRING   2014


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