"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




First they said 100   then 200   then 286 schoolgirls

abducted by terrorists in Nigeria   The military has

remained inexplicably absent    How can President

GOODLUCK  be trusted?


The hostages are being used as: shields in battle  cooks

& sex slaves  some were sold as brides for $13 a piece


On Saturday at a book signing event I met a young woman

who leaves this Spring for Congo   where she will adopt

runaway child soldiers:   We’ll take as many as we can


They careen toward one another   the lost children  & the would-be

mother   Like the chicks of cuckoos she will raise the young soldiers

as her own   They will never know their parents     Many will lose

their children to the terror-machine    in double-orphanings

This circle now   routine


In Rwanda alone  100,000 children were  displaced    in the genocide

(100 days of genocide 1994)     On Tuesday GOODLUCK’S    Minister

of Defence said:  All but 8 girls have been freed by security forces    

He retracted this statement on Thursday


Out in the Sambisa Forest  the girls lie     Why couldn’t Canada or the U.N.

send a cargo plane  along with our lone young would-be mother   to drop

blankets   food   & ladders?    Then GOODLUCK would be a hero  instead

of just a fool



Angry parents & all able bodied men from the schoolgirl’s town

are taking to the forest   Some have swarmed the tribal chief’s

home   other’s are en-route to GOODLUCK’S



SPRING  2014



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