"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



1st day warm enough to brave my bench

Phantom children scream under trees

Camp resumes in 7 weeks   Soon they will

be gnashing their little teeth in every crevice

at U of T   1 boy threatened to slit my throat

late last Summer   as I cobbled words on this

very bench


At this moment my main concern is that the

world pitch in to free the girls kidnapped en

masse in Nigeria   The same way they did for

the missing plane   Couldn’t the ships & choppers

be loaned?   How about a day or 2 for the missing

girls?   12-18


Head terrorist laughed giddily: I will sell them as

slaves   Infidel women must be sold as slaves or

married off  even if 9    Is there a connection between

the small boy wielding a knife   & the growing violence

seeping into the cracks?    Our Canada was home to

a mass stabbing   Graduation party   Calgary   2014


In Nigeria President Goodluck’s wife  Patience  had a

woman arrested for impersonating a mother of the missing

girls   The Mum’s were busy so they sent an envoy    Patience

was slighted   In the mean-time plaintive sounds of girlsong

can be heard  as the mother’s approach   in restless dreams






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