"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



harrowing  beautiful  vital  intense  daring

rare   6 of 117 adjectives used to describe

Karl Ove Knausgaard’s  books   In Norway

he is such a sensation  there are days when

discussing him is forbidden


After reading him   Ian Brown wrote:  (April 26 2014 Globe&Mail)

Childhood is the last time we live entirely

and happily within our inner selves   It seems

that Karl depressed the shit out of Ian   Or was

Ian already depressed?  Was Karl?


I have read short tracts   I will not read the thousands

of pages   Apparently 573 chronicle the banality of

marital domesticity   & a bowel movement or 2


What I will do:

* sit in front of a tree planted in ’63  & remember when it was a twig

* conjure the cornstalks that grew & grew  10ft. tall  a pall over suburbia

* remember that the Magnolias will be bare in 2 weeks time

* ditto the Chinese Cherry trees (Trinity Bellwoods Park  &Robards Library)


For chrissakes  choose any ditch   & count the objécts found in it

Is the problem really that we replaced an all knowing God with

information?  That there is no mystery?


None of this is true modern citydweller   Do not buy into the propaganda

of depressed intellectuals   Go plant some corn  ride a horse  pee in a field

Don’t let the purveyors of glum ruin your un-lived life   Mostly don’t feel

like a failure when you cannot conjure the lightening of  the  first-time

That’s what first times were invented for   Ian & Karl


I implore you gentle reader:

lick a pole in January

work on your night moves

suck on a chili-dog

marry a Bedouin



* Dazed quail. 

**shortest sentence in The Alexandria Quartet   L. Durrell 1958   3,200 pages




SPRING   2014



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