"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



and a scotch full of boob   Is anyone as cool

as the old Delta crooners?  Wake up on a grey

day in your stinkin city   Problems of the world

wearied   You wonder how the young man named

Bowe  a POW for a ¼ of his life    will fare


Will the released Commandos of terror  take down

another tower?  Will Bowe take a wife?   Resume his

old life? Or has he been turned like Brody  on Homeland?


Now contemplate the 2 cousins  14 & 15  found hanging

from a mango tree  Uttar Pradesh  Wednesday   India will

further revise its gang-rape laws   There’s some strangefruit

Billie Holiday   &  a band of angels wrestling with the ropes


Why the blues were made for times like these!

Just look at the ecstasy on the Howlin man’s face

Lift you out of the mud   & blood stained trajectory  of our

21st century   Just listen carefully   The crossroads are everywhere


Juno Beach 70 yrs. Friday    Normandy looking clean & tidy

Blood swept out to sea


How low can you swing?


howlin wolf




SPRING  2014

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