"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It was a dingy bird with a yellow crest at its

throat  Hobbled by the door of Bacchus Roti

I didn’t want to look too closely   Would it be

a doppelganger of the 3 legged dog who chased

me in the park? (right foreleg long gone)

Or would it have a mangled wing   & a mangled



Here comes the roti-lady   squawking   She has a

way with birds  shrimp   goats    In a moment or 2

Parkdale becomes Eden   The man running in circles

snatches the bird  from the gnarlytree  & lights out for

the territory   ahead     O this neighbourhood  built on an

ancient riverbed  with hipsters now 20 deep   at Walnut St.



O to be radical  young  desirable  cool!

Stanley Kunitz  1971




SPRING  2014

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