"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today we heard that local herdsman carrying bows &

arrows  have formed a network to share tips on where

the girls  might be   The area is 62,000 sq. kilometers wide

forest covered mountains  rolling savanna  & semi desert

The rains are coming  so we can only hope for caves   many

caves   Where until the girls are saved   they may stay


Huddled together  dry  learning hymns   So far the world has

only planned: the finding part  while there has been no talk of:

the rescue part    Surely the villagers  farmers  & hunters  have

a plan   With bows & arrows in hand  they will stealthily invade

Boko Haram territory  hunt the captors down  1 terrorist at a time


Like baboons  wild boars   psychopaths


In videos released this week  the hostages were shown reciting

hymns  Those interviewed said they were not mistreated   But

they will never un-see  what they have seen    un-remember

where they have been     un-scream 3000 screams





SPRING  2014

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