"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



You arrive inside your mother   & leave inside

your box   Spend eternity inside that other womb   tomb


the body must never be alone   never so vulnerable

the soul as when first separate *


This is true for the beginning & for the end   though

most don’t know  these arcane details


Some souls in splints   vulnerable to all manner of dybuuk

Take Slenderman   for example


Seduced two 12 yr. olds who stabbed their friend in throat

and heart 19x   after which he promised shelter in his mansion


The judge has rejected a request to have the girls transferred

to a mental health facility   They will be tried as adults


Can someone out there: discover hope   changetheworld

bring back the nuclear family?


And may we live into a time when: No girl will have her face

shot off   for simply attending school




*The girls traded the knife back & forth between them  then

left their friend lying in the woods    She died by a roadside

where she had crawled   They each face up to 65 yrs. in prison


Attorney Anthony Cotton said: Somethings such as make-believe

would not be alarming in a child




SPRING   2014     *Anne Michaels 2014




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