"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Blackbird   red wings   It was a sky-is-falling

kind of day    Bomb-dived my head    People

stopped and stared   I felt the brush of   bird?

Thought the Angels had come for me


shadow of wings   flapping  flapping  airswooosh  near an ear


In car on way home radio flipped ON:

Moncton in lockdown (Moncton!)   24 yr.old

gunman on a 30 hr. rampage    3 RCMP slain


Later at home tv flipped ON:

Gunman in Seattle siege in progress   live!

student-bodies    everywhere


Summertime in the Americas  gentle breezes

The living is easy    Sounds of guns ricochet

Angels dropping like flies





SPRING  2014





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