"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



When he & his wife arrived at the Officer’s

side  they had no idea if the gunman was

nearby   In his minds eye what remains of

the scene: blood & pink petals   from an

overhanging cherry tree    (not poetic license)


He said he would do the same thing  again

Most definitely    A local woman locked in her

home for 30 hrs. said: He made me afraid  and

I want to see him afraid    Across the sea the Pope

& 2 Presidents  plant an olive tree


So where is the dis-connect?  On Saturday I asked a

20 yr. old what he thinks of our constant killing sprees

He said: We need another enlightenment   It seems that

it is time for the God  who ever dies  and is ever re-born

to make another appearance


Unless that was him lying amidst the blossoms   Or might

he have been one of the 796 babies in Ireland  dispersed in a

field   next to a nunnery?  Could be.    Some earthquakes happen

in slow motion   22 to 34 miles inside of the Earth    yet the re-

alignment is epic


If he is on his way  and arrives on a day when most of us are in

lockdown will anybody know he’s here?  Or will he be as lost to

us as the mangerbornstranger  from the east?    the burningbush

desertrecluse?   the boyinthebohditree?






*would all depressed poets step up to the podium please




SPRING  2014





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