"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Scientists have found evidence of a

hypothetical fish:   Metaspriggina

Fossilized 505 million yrs. ago

This fish is the missing piece of the

puzzle   The transformation of plankton 

slurpers  into predators  with jaws


Who foresaw that the humanpuzzle

would include a morph from arrowheads to

assault rifles?  (coined by Adolf Hitler)

Nobody expected to find such an animal

said Simon Conway Morris (U of Cambridge)

speaking of the fish    Evolving a jaw is just one

of the really great breakthroughs in the history   of life  


So has the human conscience grown hypothetical?

Or just turned deeply pathological    How about the

evolution of the M-16    or the virginity tests of the

wretched Arab Spring?   Yesterday in Tahrir Square

a  mob-rape took place & produced a shocking YOUTUBE


Reports of badnews are censored in Egypt: Well they are happy

The people are having fun  (female tv host  State Media)


While here in Canada another Spring pageant is underway

High school graduation  & PROM    Smells like purity    Are they

even aware of their liberties?  Or perhaps lulled into complacency

by:  hypothetical futures   hypothetical Peace  on  hypothetical Earth



Dinosauria, We

born into this  dying because of this  fooled by this  used by this  pissed on by this

made crazy and sick by this  made violent  made inhuman by this   the heart is

blackened  the fingers reach for the throat  the gun  the knife  the bomb  the fingers

reach toward an unresponsive  god   we are born into this sorrowful deadliness  

castrated  debauched  disinherited

Charles Bukowski  1992





SPRING  2014






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