"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The story of a body is interior   What lurks inside

all of that blood   inside all of that darkness? There

is a microscopic-pin near the tip of your nose   Go

ahead pull it   You can take this body  OFF    But no

one thought to tell you that   Now you know  the secret


So will you?  Don’t you want to meet the alien who resides

inside?  Maybe you already have?  It has the voice that said:

There is no such thing as normal    Go ahead  marry him


Take Scar Jo’s alien in: Under the Skin  brutally raped until

the bodybreaks    Ape-man immolates the she-devil   but maybe

just another crucifixion?


While there on the shore  the aliens oblivious to a dying human baby

search for more  bodies  to harvest   Reminiscent of the human-nazis

who threw babies up in the air   & caught them on bayonets    Who is

piloting this ship?


What separates the alien from  the truly human?  The soul under the skin?

We have about as much evidence of this  as the pin near the tip of your

nose    Further studies will have to be conducted  & measurements taken








SPRING  2014

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