"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today in the Greeting Card aisle a man

stopped me:  Excuse me miss  do they have 

cards for 59 yr. olds?  With this  I ran stumbling

into:   Seasonal    Stomach     Pain      Longing for

the bone-chilling silence of   -19


Perhaps it is time to give up my  obsessional knots:

Winter   Spring   Hipsters   Death   Suffering   Marriage

The tide may be turning to more quotidian matters  blather:


obnoxious+obtuse citydwellers (a profusion currently)

people with largish heads who sit in front of you at concerts+men

in stinky jackets in the next row   old fishermen with sublime tongues

&stories to tell   ditto the profusion of  girls with pneumatic breasts

in headsets  on Philosophers Walk   U of  T   


So come along gentle reader   the poems of 2015 promise to be quite

empty of meaning   but ultimately freeing  on so many levels  + a promise

to refund your time for reading the ones that are all    about me





SPRING  2014


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